KIDS - Have you seen the new playground at The Village at Margs? We like to call it - The Pyramid!

There's a climbing wall on one side and a turfed surface on the other!

Tell Mum & Dad to take you down there so you can check it out, there's plenty of seating for them, and while they're waiting they can grab a coffee and cake from Margs Cafe!

But BIG KIDS, don't think we've forgotten about you! The Hang has been designed for you.

There's a charging station, wifi zone and a FREE book exchange library! You can browse the shelves and grab a book to read in the centre, or, feel free to take one home with you and bring it back once you're finished.

On the back of the library you will also see a noticeboard - use this to pin your flyers & brochures and reach out to your local community!

A special thanks to Post Architecture for your imaginative designs and a big shout out to local builders, Daniel & Tim of Multiworx for bringing the abstract structures to life - we love supporting local!